Courtney Kolker is a dynamic artist, who is a Washington, DC native and currently resides in Columbia, SC. Known for her vibrant use of colors in the abstract, Kolker works in acrylics on canvas using art trowels, poly foam brushes, and her hands. She currently works out of her studio space on devine street and finds her style constantly evolving; but you’ll see that color remains of utmost importance and ties together her variety of style.

Kolker has recently been juried into exclusive art shows such as The Hilton Head Arts Festival, The Atalaya Arts Festival, the Arlington Festival of the Arts, as well as the highly coveted Night Market in downtown Charleston, S.C. Kolker is also partnered with the Christenberry Collection: Artist Collective out of Columbia, S.C. Kolker’s portfolio contains a range of works, and is happy to do commissions upon request. 

Kolker Holds A BA From Tulane University. Feel Free To Contact Kolker At Courtney@Ckolker.Com Or (703) 732-0753.

**kolker will be at soda city in columbia, s.c. January 20th & January 27th, from 9am-1pm**

Artist Statement: 

“My thoughts and memories are all tied together through color. I think in color palettes. Often when I see a photograph or an image, the subject matter itself fades away as certain color arrangements immediately begin to surface. The colors express the mood of the reality. I try and capture that feeling with my work. Color is a silent language that evokes varying and vivid emotions in all of us.

I begin my work by studying an image I've seen or a place I've visited. Next I try to conjure all the colors that define my experience with that particular experience or place. What are people wearing, what are they eating and drinking, is there music playing? I build this atmosphere and taste what they taste, hear what they hear - then I feel like I can paint. 

When creating these pieces, I like to work close up without my glasses. It lends the feeling that I'm in the actual painting. When I've reached a point where a piece is done, I step back about ten feet and put my glasses on, and I feel like I'm seeing it for the first time.”