Courtney Kolker is an American painter based in Washington, D.C. Known for her vibrant use of color in the abstract, Kolker works in acrylics and uses palette knife, poly foam brushes, as well as her hands. Kolker’s artwork explores the ability of color to arrange and illustrate her perspective of a particular moment.

Kolker was born in Washington, D.C. and received a BA in communication from Tulane University. Kolker’s wanderlust imagination is core to what inspires her work- as are the journey’s she’s taken around the world which include: New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Israel, Italy, and Dubai; and places she’s called home: New Orleans, San Diego, and Hawaii.

Her work has been exhibited throughout the US, including recent shows in Washington, D.C. and New York City. Kolker’s international sales include Dubai, Spain, and Australia.For more information, visit, email or follow her on IG @courtney_kolker.

Artist Statement 

“I think in color palettes. When I think about a memory or see an image, the subject matter itself fades away as certain color arrangements immediately begin to surface. They become the subject matter and the need to bring them to life, somehow together, is instant. The palettes express the mood of my reality and I try to capture that feeling with each work, as color evokes varying and vivid emotions in all of us.

For example, if I’m looking at a woman sitting at bar, her chiffon skirt draping just barely over the tiled floor; a Tanqueray bottle sits on the wooden counter and she shows the slightest hint of a smile. Whether it’s a memory or an image, my artistic process begins in that moment as the turquoise of the tiled floor begins to surface, along with the crimson rose of the chiffon. The translucent emerald of the Tanqueray emerges along with the amber hues it’s sitting upon. Lastly, a hint of a blush matte lipstick arrives. Turquoise, Crimson, Emerald, Amber, and Blush. That’s how I arrive at a color palette.

Color has always remained of utmost importance to me and has tied together my variety of work. But as my styles have matured and become more focused, so have my palettes. My intension with my work has and continues to remain the same; connection and emotion. My creative process allows me to connect with a moment in time, whether it be past or forthcoming, or even complete fantasy. And that's exactly what I want for the viewer to experience upon seeing a particular work; to be able to achieve an intimate, emotional connection that provokes a memory or sparks the imagination every time.”


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